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Our Backstory

Black women are strong, resilient and powerful beyond measure. We are historically the nurturers of the entire society: our spouses, children, extended families, communities and corporations. We consistently give of ourselves. We are the “fixers” in the bedroom and the boardroom. Who will fill our cups? In these unprecedented times with the pandemic, racial unrest and political divisiveness, we must put our oxygen mask on first before saving the world!

The Sistah Covenant was realized through the strong and varied relationships that I have been blessed to develop and maintain throughout the years. The sistah-friends are a part of my “tribe.” We have been a part of each other’s journey through thick and thin. The Sistah Covenant is a promise, an agreement, a commitment to hold relationships in trust and in our hearts. Our strong, authentic, varied relationships are our “Super Power!” During these challenging times as we embrace our “new normal,” we must be purposeful, powerful, passionate and positioned to create a trusted space for us to engage in encouraging, meaningful and impactful dialogue.

We Are Our Sistah’s Keeper!

~~Patricia Gillum Sams

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