A is for Attitude

Patricia Russell McCloud

 An Alphabet for Living. This touchstone for contemporary living teaches the reader to assess their strengths and weaknesses to maximize their potential. This book, chapter by chapter, is chocked full with anecdotes, advice and action steps, as it provides a blueprint for a successful life that has meaning and substance — NOW.

In addition to helping readers tap into their potential, A IS FOR ATTITUDE shows how to effectively make use of their time through organization and preparation; how taking risks reaps rewards, that "will enhance every aspect of your life." Packed with anecdotes, advice and action steps, A IS FOR ATTITUDE brings readers twenty-six inspiration-filled chapters that form a blueprint for better living. It offers a visionary approach, inspiring readers to reach their highest potential.

51 Ways to Love Your Sister

Sonia Jackson Myles

 This beautiful and engaging book is the product of the vision and life purpose of Sonia Jackson Myles, Daughter, Mother, Sister, Friend, Corporate Executive, Mentor, and Author of The Sister Accord, The Promise That Will Transform Your Life!™ The Sister Accord is a resolution for girls and women to inspire them to have positive, loving relationships with each other. The principles of The Sister Accord have been woven into the fabric of the 51 Ways To Love Your Sister to give girls and women tangible tools and methods for establishing strong relationships with each other. Additionally, Sonia has used the power of imagery to bring the ways to life in a manner that will connect with girls and women from every part of the world.


Soul Food for the Entrepreneur

Nataleh Nicole Howard

Start 2021 on the right track as you include God, faith, and wisdom in your business! The Fearless journal serves as a reminder to live a life of faith over fear every day. Enjoy 100 pages for you to write daily to God as you grow your brand. 


In the devotional, everyday you will learn a new faith principle to apply to your business. There is very limited quanity remaining in stock. 


There are 3 sections:

  • Before the Business

  • Building the Business

  • Running the Business


Come learn what it takes to live a life and own a business of great success! Business Owner and Entrepreneur Consultant, Nataleh, wrote Soul Food for the Entrepreneur as a daily guide for entrepreneurs who are starting or growing their businesses. This devotional takes the reader through each stage of the business building process, which includes planning, building, and growing your business.


How to Navigate Premium Experiences with Confidence

Tia Young

Success in the social world leads to closing deals in the business world. Gain the valuable tools you need to excel in both worlds. In Tia Young’s “How to Navigate Premium Experiences with Confidence, Your Guide to Social Success”, you will learn how to confidently excel in upscale social and professional settings with ease. Learn “Silver Spoon” secrets, even if you were not born into a wealthy family. This book is ideal for emerging leaders, social shapers, and everyday people who are climbing the ladder of social and business success.

My Leadership Journey: Wisdom from the Trenches

Barbara Darby

After retiring as President of the North Campus and the Nassau Center of Florida State College at Jacksonville, Dr. Barbara Darby releases her personal account of her leadership odyssey, intended to benefit aspiring and beginning leaders. The wisdom she has gained and shares within these pages, will hopefully inspire, encourage, affirm, teach, guide, shape or simply confirm what the reader may already know – leadership is a journey with highs and lows, challenges as well as tremendous rewards. When grounded in purpose, it is one of the most satisfying personal, intellectual, and spiritual development opportunities. The chapters of this book highlight internal, external, known and unknown factors that influence leaders, their teams and the goals they achieve.

From Brokenness To Happiness: How I Got Over and You Can Too!

LaFonda Middleton

In From Brokenness to Happiness, LaFonda opens up and tells all about her relationship traumas at a young age, which includes two divorces before turning the age of thirty. Intertwined in the telling of her story are self-help tools and lessons learned at the end of each chapter. These practical tools are designed to help you get past the pain, betrayal and devastation of a broken relationship so that you are free to live again. An easy read that will make you laugh, cry, relate and ultimately heal.