Melissa Fulmore-Hardwick

Information Technology VP

Brown Girls in the Boardroom


Regarded as one of the First Coast’s most prolific technology leaders, Melissa Fulmore-Hardwick has dedicated her more than 20-year career to merging innovative technology solutions with collaboration-based leadership.

Her initiatives have skyrocketed operational efficiency, reduced the IT footprint and bridged exciting technologies with operational objectives.
Melissa credits much of her success to the teams she has recruited and cultivated over the years. Powered by knowledge and ideas, these teams have been integral in the projects upon which Melissa has built her career from complex cloud strategies to groundbreaking Agile-based development initiatives.

Melissa started off by serving in the U.S. Army as a Commissioned Officer and later launched her career as an accountant. It was this early experience that instilled a respect for standardized processes. She soon discovered how technology can enhance these processes and improve the world around us. Melissa then shifted to IT and moved up the ranks as Oracle consultant, change management leader and then business applications director, while also developing as a leader to motivated teams, both on-site and remote.

Today, Melissa continues her passion for technology as Vice President of IT Enterprise Applications for Acosta Sales & Marketing in Jacksonville, Florida. In her role, Melissa has worked to transition a workforce of 35,000 to a common vertical cloud environment and guided teams in the U.S. and Canada. Her industry experience has spanned financial, retail and manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, aerospace, marketing and services industries, as well as the U.S. Federal Government.

Melissa is recognized as a refreshingly personable and engaging leader whether she’s chatting with an entry-level developer or addressing a boardroom of C-level executives. She is a prominent presenter, having served as keynote speaker and panelist for numerous Northeast Florida trade organizations and charities. She holds a B.S. in accounting from the University of South Florida and an Executive MBA from Jacksonville

Giving back to the community helps Melissa to create balance, inspire young people and champion emerging talent. She maintains several board positions, hosts workshops to help young women get excited about their career and helps underserved youth throughout Northeast Florida. When she's not working to make a difference in the world, Melissa can be found engaging her husband and
adventurous, super-hero son or taking in a few minutes of meditation.

Brown Girls in the Boardroom (BGintheBR) was launched as a result of our founder looking around many of the Corporate
Boardrooms and realizing that there is no one else in the room that resembles her. She quickly learned that perhaps her
passion to help empower young girls should start with letting them know that they have a voice and they too can be heard
in the Boardroom.

The Boardroom does not solely represent the Corporate Boardroom, but it signifies having a seat at the table and being
able to make leadership decisions. BGintheBR offers the lens of hope which will allow girls to see their possibilities.
BGintheBR fills in the gaps and reminds girls that they are not alone and provides needed answers girls may not have had
before. BGintheBR provides access to a bigger world because our mentors give girls exposure they may not otherwise
get; and in some instances, did not know they needed. BGintheBR will work to increase academic interest and
performance because we encourage educational excellence. BGintheBR will build confidence and self-esteem by
showing unconditional love, support and care.

BGintheBR will also provide leadership and career grooming for women who want to blaze their own trail in life and
business. Whether it’s a career change or wanting upward mobility, we can assist you on your journey.

We are a Not for Profit organization championing the next generation of female leaders through our innovative, multi-
generational training initiatives. As we foster a strong female community, BGintheBR is building a brighter future for all

girls and women and helping them become who they secretly dream of being.

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